My journey into the world of weaving


Giving a spinning and weaving talk!

I am giving a spinning and weaving talk/demo at my library as well as the Peabody Institute Library in Peabody.
So much to cover!
I knew I could not bring my loom but I have this “baby loom” to demonstrate on:

baby loom

It has all the parts! so cute. It’s really a toy.
Meanwhile I am trying to organize what I want to say so it comes out reasonably clear but at the same time enthusiastically.

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birthday fiber!

My sister was in New York City last week and came upon Purl Soho. And there she bought me for my birthday the following rovings:
gold merino tencel mix
natural baby camel merino top
gray merino cross top
This last is so unique! We had to google it immediately to find out what on earth it is. Here’s an answer. She gets to the bottom of what milk protein fiber is, including why it remains exotic and unique.
It will be fun to spin all of these fibers! Thank you, Nancy!


Afternoon of spinning

Yesterday my cousin came over and we spun together. Looked at fiber, figured out things, looked at lovely books and patterns. Generally just got enthused and infused. We will do this again and promised to do more spinning, less yakking.
She had brought a fleece she had just bought which she is cleaning, carding, and rolling into rolags. And then spinning. I have only done that once but we figured out what step she had missed.
I have committed myself to presenting a talk/demo on weaving and spinning on March 24th so I am beginning to prepare for that and get comfortable spinning and talking about it, both on the wheel and the drop spindle. I can’t bring my loom but I will bring different items like a raddle, a bunch of heddles, shuttles, etc. I think it’s just going to be fun to talk about my passion!


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