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Off the loom with the tablerunners!

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I took the tablerunners off the loom today. It went very well.
I measured for off the loom and cut the two apart. Fringe on both is 3 inches. I hope I can twist the ends! Once I have done that, then I will see what it is like to weave ends back in. There are a lot! But I think I want to do this before rinsing so that everything fulls together.
I am pleased! One is 45 inches and the other 68 inches, without fringe.
So finish them I will.
Of course, at the same time, I will begin warping the bathmats!
And I’m getting Dorothy ready for a small job!
It’s fun to weave when I want without work interrupting!

One thought on “Off the loom with the tablerunners!

  1. Hi. I found your blog while surfing WeaveRing. Lovely tablerunners! I love the colors and they are nicely woven.

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