My journey into the world of weaving

Almost there with one tablerunner

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I have fringed and woven in ends of the 68 inch tablerunner. I just rinsed it and it’s downstairs drying! I can’t wait to see it DONE.
Now I have to fringe the other one and weave in all the ends. I should have done that one first because of course I learned alot with the first one which I was hoping to give as a gift!
I have prepared the warp of the bathmats and have put on the loom, sorting the ends into the raddles.
Tomorrow I will at least beam the warp (am I really getting all this weaving terminology? hope so because I am aware of real weavers visiting this site! … feel free to correct me, by the way)
Then finish dressing the loom and off I go weaving!
A bit of a wait on the Dorothy as she needs one small washer to allow an even beat – I need all the help I can get I figure!

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