My journey into the world of weaving

Table Runner #2 – Finished!


It’s been rinsed and fulled, losing one inch in width and 3 in length. Fulling is definitely kind to one’s weaving – many potential errors do not show!
I am very happy with the piece and am now fringing table runner #1. The pattern is more simple.
I also have threaded half the heddles on the new project, the bath mats. There are a few twists but no worries.
I am threading for a waffle weave – shaft 2 is used a lot!
I’ll finish that tomorrow and also keep working on the table runner – lots to do!
Oh and yes, must think of next project!

2 thoughts on “Table Runner #2 – Finished!

  1. Susan, congratulations on the table runners! They are gorgeous. I like your use of color. You’ve got me thinking about table runners now. And maybe bath mats too!

  2. Thank you, Leigh!
    I am pleased with them!

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