My journey into the world of weaving


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At least, the second bathmat is done. I have hemstitched, put in filler, and hemstitched the third. I’ve wound the bobbins and it’s a go for weaving the third. I have kept to the same waffle pattern. I had thought of experimenting but now I have the smaller loom for that! That’s going to be fun to just play with all sorts of patterns and weaves and material.
I feel centered once more. I hadn’t done much weaving this past week and I really felt it! I remember this serenity when I used to throw on the wheel. How have I gotten along without this?
I want to start warping the next project and one for the Dorothy too!
And, like millions, I am well into HP #7!

One thought on “Done!

  1. You certainly are making good progress! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do on the Dorothy.

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