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Third bathmat, aka “throw rug”

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I’ve had two miscalculations today!
One with the new project. I did not get enough yarn to do the 16 inches width I wanted; I have to settle for 15 inches. Not a huge deal, really. But the lesson learned is that I should order “up”, not down or even. Get more than I need. The warp is ready, anyway.
ETA: I have decided to get additional skeins for the added inch and for finishing purposes. Might as well do it right. Hopefully I’ll get the yarn by the end of the week – should be ready to dress the loom then!
The second miscalculation is with the bathmats. I have made two of equal length, just a length a bit too long so that this third bath mat is going to be shorter. Hopefully not too short! But in any case, it takes on a new identity of “throw rug”, I think.
The bath mats will most likely be done tomorrow! Off the loom! Do the small amount of finishing. And then the rinse to full. What will they look like? I am excited, anxious, nervous, thrilled. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Third bathmat, aka “throw rug”

  1. It sounds as though you have adapted your “miscalculations” quite well. I’ve woven dishtowels which were better sized as place mats. Ah well. Weave and learn. I am anxious to see how those bath mats finish up!

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