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Off the loom with the bathmats!

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They are off the loom, separated from each other, and fringe trimmed to the length I want.
They are all diffierent sizes! The mauve is 43.5 inches, the green is 41 inches, and the blue weighs in at 27! But the width of all was fairly consistent. The mauve saw a little more draw in than the others but for the most part the width ended up being 23.5 inches!
One visible error, for right now until more careful study, is in the blue. I had a hard time with finishing that one up. I really wove until the apron bar almost came through the heddles! No, not quite but close. So it was hard getting an open enough shed at the end. Quite a few errors which I did catch – just didn’t catch this one. But I suspect the fulling may hide this one.
So. Next steps: fringe, tie up the very few loose ends there are, and rinse! All of this will be done this week, I am sure.

One thought on “Off the loom with the bathmats!

  1. I can’t wait to see these done!!! Please let me know when you post the final pictures:)

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