My journey into the world of weaving

All bathmats done; new project begun


The mauve and green bathmats are complete. Like the blue, the waffle did not pop out but I love the texture anyway! I was able to fringe twist the mauve; I like it! They shrank about 10 inches in length and a couple in the width so I am glad I made them longer. And I am eager to waffle weave again!
In the meantime, I have dressed the loom for the two scarves. I have done stripes with bamboo and the weft is two different colors of alpaca.
I have finally figured out what to do with Dorothy. I have a warp ready, the loom is as ready as can be, and I am going to thread to get a gamp! I have 4 different threadings and then I will change treadles every 4 inches or so. So we’ll see how that turns out!

2 thoughts on “All bathmats done; new project begun

  1. What a great series of photos. Not having much experience with waffle weave I wouldn’t have known what to expect, but I like them too. Very nice fringe treatment too.

  2. Thanks! They feel incredibly soft! and plushy!

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