My journey into the world of weaving



Fixing the broken end was working very well! Every step was reached. I decided to pull out the pin after weaving about 5 inches.
And, whoosh, it slipped right out! Bamboo is very very very slippery!
So can you see the missing end?
Fortunately the pattern is so thick, almost not visible, that a missing end won’t be noticed, I don’t think.
Only I will know! and of course, the gentle readers of this blog!

2 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Susan, what a surprise! I’ve not worked with bamboo before so I would not have expected this. I looked closely at our photos, but the only way I knew one was missing is because 1) you told us and 2) I counted your warp stripes. It doesn’t show in the weaving though, which is looking great.

  2. Leigh, I certainly didn’t expect it!
    All in the process of learning, I guess!

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