My journey into the world of weaving

Fiber Revival and other matters

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Tomorrow is the Fiber Revival in Newbury! I thought it was Sunday but in talking with a knitting co-worker, she advised me that it was tomorrow!
We are going to meet in the morning and take it all in! There are classes and vendors. I didn’t sign up for any of the classes – don’t know how long I’ll be there.
It will be fun to see what is there!
Other matters – weaving is going slowly. I’ve been tired this week and the one night I did weave after supper, it showed up in the selvedge! I ended up taking OUT about an inch. It just didn’t look good.
I am hoping to finish the first scarf this weekend. I am more than half done. Then for the second, I am toying with another pattern – just to see if it makes a difference, visually.
Then I’m off a few days next week to my brother’s wedding! I am giving him the tablerunner.

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