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First scarf woven and hemstitched

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I did finish the first scarf, that is I finished weaving it and it is hemstitched. It’s a little shorter than I thought. I have to really sit down and look at the numbers and try to figure how that came to be. I am fairly sure it has to do with the EPI. I always seem to be off on that; I just have to figure out why.
The Fiber Revival was fun! I met MB, from work who is also a knitter and her knitting store Yarns in the Farms was one of the vendors. Jill Stover was there. She is one of the owners and also a Children’s Author and Illustrator!
Betsy from A Loom with a View was there demonstrating weaving. I loved what she was working with – soy! It is very stretchy! MB even did a few pics but I don’t think she’ll give up her knitting!
There was an area with a whole bunch of table looms set up – some of them had to be very old. Someone in that same tent was spinning dog hair!
There was a lot of spinning going on – I think that is something I would like to try sometime. I think that there will be a lesson or demo at the Commonground Fair to endulge in!
I also saw Margaret and met her mother who braids rugs!
It was very windy and almost chilly so I only stayed a couple of hours.

One thought on “First scarf woven and hemstitched

  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the Fiber Revival. I look forward tp SAFF (Southeast Animal Fiber Fair) every year too, it’s a great source of inspiration.

    I empathize about the final scarf length! I’ve had many a too-short project and can’t say I’ve mastered take-up and shrinkage yet.

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