My journey into the world of weaving

Second scarf begun

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And it definitely has a different look to it! Which is good. I’m probably over-analyzing the weave but seems to me there’s a slight mismatch between pattern and how I have the ends arranged.
I have 2 dark blue, 6 light, and 2 dark blue. 8 ends in all. The pattern is an interrupted twill. So what I am observing is the weaving pattern doesn’t quite fit within the pattern of the ends.
I am reminded strongly of Leigh’s Mystery of the Twill!
I am also learning that the bamboo and alpaca do work together but not in the way I thought! The scarves are going to come different from my original scheme – I think.
But it’s a nice little project all in all.

One thought on “Second scarf begun

  1. I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only one stumped by twills! 😉 Even so, the scarf is gorgeous! I love the variations seen in the light blue warp stripes. Very attractive. These kinds of surprises are why I absolutely love weaving.

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