My journey into the world of weaving

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I wove a bit on the scarf – it’s going smoothly and easily. I may be able to finish more when I return from Maine.
I also figured my next project which is going to be more bathmats! I am going to do 4! I figured in more shrinkage because of the waffle so they will all hopefully be the same length! I am using the same colors as before plus the lighter color from the placemats! all King Tut yarn. I may have underfigured weft but I don’t think so. I had more left over than I thought before so I bet it’s pretty accurate. Time will tell. So it’s the same yarn but I am more savvy about the PPI, packing it in a bit more than I was. So we’ll see if I get more waffle. They’ll make good Christmas gifts too!
I wanted to do a familiar project now and then for later I want to try something different. I talked to my sister about patterns for tunics and she’s willing to concoct something. So we just have to figure widths and lengths and how much. This will be for after the holidays for sure.
So we are off to Maine in less than an hour! The wedding is on Saturday – I hope the weather stays clear for them! Back on Saturday as well.

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