My journey into the world of weaving

Scarves are off the loom!


With only one visible error – well, there’s the missing end if you can see that. In scarf number two, I did 8 pics to begin with and ended with 4. I think it just adds a uniqueness to the scarf!
They are both about 50 inches in length off the loom and 14 wide. They have a nice feel to them. I expect some shrinkage but hopefully not gobs. I need to fringe them and then full them. I bet I get that done this weekend!
Then the second batch of bathmats. I haven’t even begun to prepare the warp – will begin tomorrow.
I look forward to more weekends at home, weaving!

2 thoughts on “Scarves are off the loom!

  1. Lovely! I wouldn’t have known there were any mistakes if you hadn’t mentioned them. Not from the photos anyway. I love getting such different looks from the same warp. Well done.

  2. I’m actually quite surprised at how nice they are turning out! I have just rinsed the dark one so now we’ll see what shrinkage happens.
    Thanks for you comments, Leigh!

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