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Taking the time

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I could have beamed the warp tonight, really, I could have.
Instead, I took the time and straightened all the ends in the raddle. They weren’t bad but there were twists and cross-overs. I want this warp to be perfect! Well, near as I can get it.
So I took the time tonight. I didn’t rush myself. I breathed, you might say.
And it felt good.
I also took the time to evaluate, really evaluate the scarves. I figured out the shrinkage and draw in, all those numbers. I wasn’t too off, really. I even roughed out a future project for the same if I want to weave more scarves with the alpaca and bamboo silk.
And that felt good.
Taking the time, very good.

One thought on “Taking the time

  1. Good for you! It’s a good reminder for me to do the same. I tend to be impatient and want to rush the details and take short cuts. However, it makes a difference in the final quality of a project I think.

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