My journey into the world of weaving

Beaming the warp

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Not my favorite part. I grit my teeth a lot! And no matter what I do, the paper does get a little askew. But not badly.
The ends look straight and neat – no cross overs or twists. So all I can hope for is that the tension is good. I certainly took my time with this – maybe almost two hours?
I tied up the treadles tonight but don’t quite feel up to threading the heddles!
A nod to Leigh for sending a lot of folks over here! Thanks for coming by and checking my zig zags out!
Comments are welcome!

One thought on “Beaming the warp

  1. Who but a weaver would thank folks for checking out her zig zags! *lol* I love it! I empathize with how you feel about beaming warp. Not my favorite part either!

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