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Weaving progress

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I am halfway done with the blue bathmat.
I wove quite a bit yesterday. Then, today, as I looked at yesterday’s work, I saw some sort of error. So I unwove two inches and began again. Shortly after, another error! I think I had spaced out because my treadling was totally off. Fixed that and continued.
I am pleased with my sheds – nice and wide. I am even pleased with my selvedges!
As I left this morning’s weaving, I glanced at the underside and there was an escaped error! Too far back to unweave for sure. I think I can do something with a little yarn after it is off the loom or even see if the fulling takes care of that.
So while this time I am having no problem with sheds or selvedges, my treadling can go off kilter in the flick of a shuttle!
I am trying to look at work just done to make sure there are no errors.

One thought on “Weaving progress

  1. Your photos are excellent. I love looking at them. Congratulations on those selvedges! Errors are always a pain, aren’t they? They appear even when we’re careful. I read in one of Sharon Alderman’s books about correcting errors by needle weaving in a new piece of warp or weft after the piece is off the loom. I tend to unweave however. Probably not always the most time efficient solution.

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