My journey into the world of weaving

And done!


I feel pleased with myself that I finished number 2. Finished that is on the loom. I hemstitched and then wove the filler for the third bathmat which will be the mauve color.
The weaving is going well. I am very curious to see if beating tighter will affect the waffle weave.
There is a ever so slight difference in tension on the left side. The effect is that I notice it only in a certain light! It’s not getting worse so I am not going to do anything about it but I am monitoring it.
So far, no glaring errors! The treadling is easy for these bathmats and I am really happy with my sheds.
So on to #3!

2 thoughts on “And done!

  1. Now you’ve got me thinking about weaving bathmats. Yours look great and I’m always thinking ahead for future projects. I really like the useful ones. So much more pracitcal than a bunch of scarves.

  2. If you do, Leigh, let me know! I’d love to compare notes!

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