My journey into the world of weaving

NH Guild Day!

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K and I drove up to Concord for the NH Guild meeting! When we arrived, folks were milling about a few tables. sorting through all sorts of available fiber, used books for sale, equipment of all types, and some cloth! I snagged 4 older issues of Handwoven and two books! The Joy of Handweaving by Osma Gallinger Tod and Warping All by Yourself by Cay Garrett. Also got a couple of skeins of yarn and some extra wooden bobbins!
The morning had 3 or so workshops going on but because I was a guest, I attended Weavers helping Weavers. The topic was was sharing what classes folks had taken at NEWS! Interesting. A few folks had taken Robyn Spady’s sessions on weaving double-faced cloth. Really lovely weaving! Horoscope weaving had been taught by Bonnie Tarses – the scarves were breathtaking!
Lunch and the business meeting followed.
After that Craig Evans gave a talk on weaving on 19th century equipment. K and I left just before he finished.
A lot to absorb. I did join the Guild! It allows for the workshops at meetings as well as some other special events.
What fun it was to be with a bunch of weavers!
Now it’s off to the Commonground Fair on Friday through Sunday. The weather will be splendid and I look forward to all the fiber stuff!
So no weaving until Sunday most likely, sigh.

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