My journey into the world of weaving

Back from the Commonground Fair

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Colors – fibers – lovely woven scarves and tunics and rugs – wonderful stories – new information – felting – spinning – conversations – textures.
All of this and more. What a great two days at the Fair!
When M and I did the Fair on Friday, we concentrated on some of our regular vendors. I had a new appreciation of Skowhegan Handwovens. Susan Blaisdell is the weaver and she weaves lovely tunics. I got my third from her. I warned her that I may not need her anymore!
Cosy Clothes created by Donna MacMillan was next. We love her sale basket and can usually find a jacket or vest to purchase. I got a little vest this year.
M and I then attended a class presented by several of the Wednesday Spinners on spinning: from fleece to yarn. It was interesting to see the different techniques. One spinner likes to spin “greasy”; another was carding different yarns together and then spinning. She also likes her lumps!
We spent a fair amount of time in the Fiber Tent where bags of fleece were available for purchase. I think our hands went into every bag and the lanolin was luscious!
We went back the next day with our sister N. We began together, then split apart, found each other, went our own way, all sorts of permutations.
N and I went to a talk called “Wools of the World”, given by Peter Heggarty of Peace Fleece. Not what I expected but an inspirational talk all the same about his company and mission.
I began to go to separate fiber vendors. I found an incredible skein of yarn at the Enchanted Knoll. It’s called “Pumpkin Juice” with all sorts of oranges yellow, a mixture of wool and sari silk! I can’t wait to do something with it! I will take a picture of it and put it in the gallery!
I also found some lovely alpaca at Newaim Farm. Pictures soon.
Meanwhile M attended a felting class which turned into an advanced felting class. I wished I had attended the whole class but I came in about midway. The teacher was Andree Bella and she was very good. I learned a lot and yes, I want to try it!
After that class, we went back to the fiber tents so M could get lots of roving for her felting!
Very full, very rich, still lots to think about. I’m sure I’ll add some more later.

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