My journey into the world of weaving

Ahhh back to weaving

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I wove a nice bit tonight. Everything felt just right: good tension, nice selvedges, nice sheds, good throws. I’m about 3/4 of the way done with #3 bathmat. I will finish by this weekend and start the 4th!
In the meantime, I have pictures of new fiber. I am fast collecting quite an assortment! I’ve put some together but without intending that the colors be together. Though the Mango Moon and Pumpkin Juice don’t look too bad! But I want to do solid warps with both of them.
I am now considering trying a double-faced pattern that I picked up at the Guild for my next project! I want to try overshot very much and one of them looks manageable. I think. The pattern is from Robyn Spady.
Anyone do a double-faced before?
So back in the groove! I love it!

One thought on “Ahhh back to weaving

  1. What lovely yarns. And textures!

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