My journey into the world of weaving

New scarves begun


Very busy today! I prepared the warp (5/2 black pearl cotton) and have beamed it. I used a new tip from Leigh by placing two lengths of wood across the loom so that the apron rod rested on it. I was able to sort the ends into the raddle with no tension which I liked. Then I beamed the warp and suffered one “oh drat” moment when in snipping the choke tie off, I snipped two ends as well! The good news is it’s near the end so I think I can salvage it – just have to keep an eye for the small knots. It may even work into the fringe – I am very hopeful!
Next: threading the heddles and sleying the reed.
I am fringing the bathmats and weaving in some loose ends in preparation for washing and drying. Two done, two to go.
I didn’t feel guilty at all weaving all day – it was rainy and chilly.

2 thoughts on “New scarves begun

  1. You set that up very well. Looks more stable than mine. I love the colors you’ve chosen!

  2. Thank you for the idea!

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