My journey into the world of weaving

Progress on the scarves

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Almost done with dressing the loom. Heddles are threaded, reed is sleyed, and ends are loosely tied onto apron beam, ready to be tightened.
It is interesting working with black! It really is difficult to see separate ends. And sleying the reed was more challenging than usual: 2 ends in each dent. Before I go any further, I am double checking my work! I feel that little “go quickly” urge but will take my time for this project.
Later same day…should have checked once more! I had woven the filler and two picks of the weft when I looked closely and saw that in two dents, only one end had been sleyed.
So I released the bunches these ends were in (the furthest three on the left of the project) and resleyed those.
Then tightened my ties, wove the filler again, and commenced with the weaving. I like it so far! The pattern is an interrupted twill.
Taking a break now but will return.

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