My journey into the world of weaving

Scarf – update

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I have woven about 18 inches on scarf number one. I am near to doing the mend on the two broken ends – probably tonight!
I am enjoying this weaving – the pattern is simple, the selvedges are fairly smooth, tension is good, the sheds are nice and open. Errors are immediately visible so immediately corrected!
Off to the NH Guild today!
I am back from the Guild. I am always overwhelmed by so much weaving talk! In the am, Sara Fortin moderated a discussion of setting up projects, what inspires what, how to use certain yarns, even types of weaving. I showed my skein of “pumpkin juice” and I asked about waffle weave. Everyone is so helpful! and welcoming.
At lunch, I went to the Library and immediately got overwhelmed by so many books on weaving! But I did put a hold on a book – Thick and Thin.
After lunch, we heard Micala Sidore talk about tapestry, today and yesterday and how the two are definitely linked. Lots of pictures and very engaging and organized.
So many new terms: deflected double weave, supplementary weft, cannelle, and more. I got lots of ideas, lots of inspiration.

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