My journey into the world of weaving

Mending the broken ends


Last night I finally mended the broken ends. I think it went well. It might be a little visible as a slight clump of dark but I think fulling will help with that. I haven’t mended any ends in such a delicate weave before! It hasn’t mattered before! It was difficult to see which under and over should happen.
Here’s my photo essay:

3 thoughts on “Mending the broken ends

  1. I always worry about how noticable those fixed warp ends are too, but you’re right, wet finishing works wonders. Plus, I don’t think others cast quite so critical an eye on our work as we do ourselves.

  2. Good job! And I very much admire the photos you took as well. Mending warp ends will get easier and faster.

  3. Thanks for checking in!
    High praise from Peg because I admire your photos and your blog so much!

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