My journey into the world of weaving

Sometimes it pays to sleep on it…..


I haven’t woven for a few days, waiting until I have a couple of days off at the end of the week.
But this morning, drifting in and out of sleep, I was visualizing my weaving, where I would begin again, starting the new scarf when my weaving took on a new and sharp focus. I looked and looked and realized right then that I had only left 6 inches for the fringe, not the 12 I had planned! I want each scarf to have a 6 inch fringe!
That woke me up and I just lay there, figuring out how I would take out the little bit of weaving and hemstitching that I had done.
I just did so, didn’t take long. And I put in the filler for another 6 inches!
So sometimes it does pay to sleep on it!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes it pays to sleep on it…..

  1. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time thinking and problem solving than I do weaving. Unweaving always takes a lot of thought, especially in the “whether or not to do it” department. Sometimes I really don’t want to go that route, but I’m always glad I did in the end.

  2. I know I am glad I did so this time! And I agree about the planning and problem solving!

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