My journey into the world of weaving

Scarves finished


The scarves are finished. Washed, dried, ends snipped where needed. And measurements done.

Very interesting. Somehow I neglected to weave the extra length to account for shrinkage! I haven’t done that before. So the purple, which was beaten more vigorously shrank 6 inches, down to 52 inches in length. The green with a looser beat shrank 4 inches to 54 inches. In width, they both shrank and took up an inch. So the final width is 11 inches. Fringe also shrank from 6 inches to 5.

Not quite what I imagined but I am happy all the same with the weaving.
Here they are:

Finished scarves

I sat right down, with all of this in mind, and planned the next set of scarves with the same yarn. They are going to be narrower in width – 7 inches. They will be 60 inches in length and I will ensure that with weaving extra. And the fringe will also be long enough.

For pattern, I am going to look at twills still but perhaps more “electricity”!

There is no getting into comfortable grooves with weaving, I am finding. Each has taught me different things and just when I think I have mastered “something”, my weaving experience tells me differently. But I find it all absorbing and I am still totally engaged!

3 thoughts on “Scarves finished

  1. Oh my, shrinkage. Yes, well, I’ve forgotten that too, but it only takes once to make a good lesson of it.

  2. Let’s hope for the once!

  3. For me, your last paragraph says it all!

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