My journey into the world of weaving

Mango Moon/Bamboo scarf


Well into weaving the mango moon/bamboo scarf. The warp is only 3 yards long – one project. It’s going quickly!

mango moon/bamboo scarf

This is a weft dominant weave. So I love the front side where the Mango Moon is really displayed. I am not so sure about the underside. I’ll know more when this is off the loom.

My problems this time were removing the weaver’s cross ties (one set) just a tad early. Not a serious error but the result was 3 ends which got loose! All that meant was when I was threading the heddles, I just had to be sure to take the ends in order. I had tied the 3 separate pairs together so that helped. It just slowed me up a bit. The other error or potential error I faced was tension in the warp around the center of the weave. I noticed early and retied the two bunch of ends on the apron beam. That seemed to do the trick! It looks pretty even now.

So even this little project is keeping me on my toes!

2 thoughts on “Mango Moon/Bamboo scarf

  1. The scarf is lovely. I like the way you have set up your photos in Flikr. I spent some time looking at them and you do a really good job photographing your textiles on the loom. It looks like one thing that helps is winding the fabric so it is up to the heddles, giving more fabric to view. Anyway, you are inspiring me to work on my photography techniques.

  2. Well, that’s only fair as you have inspired me with your weaving! I do like flickr but I am beginning to post some pictures within the blog.

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