My journey into the world of weaving

Green scarf begun


And not without error! I had woven the filler and the tabby margin when I noticed one of the ends wasn’t lifting up all the way in the shed. Holding it, I was able to follow its path back to the heddles where I saw one end had twisted around another heddle! I thought I had double checked those heddles! So everything came out and I untied that particular bunch and rethreaded the two ends and sleyed them as well. Then I wove the filler and the tabby margin once more. Not a tragedy because the selvedges looked better this second time around!

I am 20 inches into this project. It is complex. I have lost focus once and had to unweave about 8 ends and then try to find my place in the pattern which I did.

Green Scarf

2 thoughts on “Green scarf begun

  1. It’s looking good. I reckon it’s slow going though because of the treadling pattern. I’ve had those thread-twisted heddles happen to me too!

  2. You reckon right! I really have to keep my focus! I’ve caught one treadling error but it’s actually hard to see one.

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