My journey into the world of weaving

Scarf progress and other matters

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I have woven 40 inches so it is coming along. It does take a lot of focus and it doesn’t take much for me to be unfocused. I really have to feel alert at night to weave! I’m sure I’ll do a lot this weekend.

So when I am not weaving at night, I am reading through Deborah Chandler’s Learning to Weave. It’s a way of matching what I have experienced to her teaching. I think that I am very much a hands on learner. Just reading something doesn’t make it stick. But reading something that I have already experienced does. Learning how to draft the draw down has definitely clicked with me. It’s making sense in that way how the tie up and threading all connect. Sounds simplistic and why didn’t I understand it before? Well, I did but just couldn’t for the life of me put it into words or even understand words about it!

So this has been good to go through her book. I’m hoping that in January I’ll be led through samples of overshot and double weave and other advanced weaving techniques. I’m hoping my teacher will offer an advanced weaving class! It’s a possibility.


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