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Christmas Fair, Newburyport

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I went to Margaret’s show yesterday which was really a Christmas Fair of all sorts of artisans’ works!

She was nicely set up – a lot on display. I was there when she sold a natural colored bamboo scarf to this woman. It was a stunning piece! It seemed to just flow around her neck. It didn’t hurt that her dark coat really showed off the piece. I chatted with her and she is thinking this will go with a lovely blue jacket.

Margaret had scarves, towels, blankets, and bookmarks for sale. It was so nice to see her work. The most I had really seen before was pieces pulled out of bins to show me something.

I was drawn to a few other booths. Funky Rock Designs (web site is work in progress) was using natural granite rocks to create lamps, toothbrush holders, candle holders, book ends, and lethal looking bottle stoppers. I liked the lamps particularly. The artist places the stones together in a design, they are drilled through the middle, bolted, and threaded with a tube through which the wires go. I commented that it must be tricky to drill through the rocks. He replied it was a little trial and error – it might take 9 stones to create the 3 stone lamp post.

I also met up with Carole Presberg of Woolgather Farm. She was showing her felted spirit bags. I kept feeling her name was familiar. When I got back home and brought up her web site, I said of course! She had been part of the New England Border Collie Rescue! We almost got a dog through them.

There was a woman who did metallic tape art – very interesting and clever. She is out of Amesbury, I think. I wish her well.

It was a perfect day to be in Newburyport, strolling the streets. Lots of shoppers. I did not buy anything except a book from A Loom With a View. A collection of weekend projects (is there such a thing?)

Today sees me finishing the scarf, taking them off the loom, and beginning the finishing tasks! I have already boxed up everything else for folks, all enclosing the card Ed designed for me.

One thought on “Christmas Fair, Newburyport

  1. Sounds like a lovely day. I enjoyed exploring all the links!

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