My journey into the world of weaving

Beginning to dress the loom


It is a short warp – 3.5 yards – and narrow – 6 inches or so. I think I was a wee bit cocky because of that.

I begin to arrange ends in the raddle and look over to the lease sticks. Something is not right. It doesn’t look as it should. What did I do? Oh! I merely forgot how to arrange the lease sticks, that’s all. One stick was totally out of the cross!

Fortunately, this fiber is “sticky” so I was able to retrieve the other part of the cross and insert the lease stick where it should be.

And I called it a night!

Weaving sure does teach me humility. I can never make assumptions like because I have been weaving for almost a full year I will remember without thought every step!

So today I will continue and I will continue very very thoughtfully and carefully.

3 thoughts on “Beginning to dress the loom

  1. You are so right about humility! Glad you were able to retrieve the cross.

  2. I am a little worried about my next warp as it is 8 yards, cotton…and slippery. I will remember to be very cautious. Maybe I should say something like “Humility Now” whilst I work!

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