My journey into the world of weaving

Mystery objects


For Christmas, my brother gave me some old weaving parts. We think. They are old, they seem to have something to do with weaving. Just not sure what. If anyone has any ideas?
Mystery object one

Mystery object two
There is a label on this one. The content reads as such:
A. Miner’s Patent Accelerating Wheel Heads – Made and warrented by James Porter, Marced-(illegible), New York. Sold Wholesale and Retail, at his (illegible) and by most merchants in the United States. (Illegible) keep them dry and well oiled. New lands (illegible) of cotton, the ends looped and sewed, so as not to swell the size.

2 thoughts on “Mystery objects

  1. Interesting! Where did he get them? If they’re for weaving, I don’t have a clue …….. Have you posted the photos to any of the weaving lists?

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