My journey into the world of weaving

Weaving underway, maybe not so well!


Actually, not bad. But I am dealing with a broken end. Fortunately, I think, it’s on the edge and not in the middle. It did take me by surprise. I hadn’t noted anything wrong like a knot or anything. Suddenly I just had this bunch of fiber, looking all tangled and miserable. Again, fortunately, it wasn’t difficult to determine what happened. There will be one section without that end but it’s not too too visible.

And another fortunately – broken ends and I are now friends. I don’t get panicked or stressed when it happens. I take a deep breath, think things through, open the appropriate drawers for the appropriate tools, and I’m fixing it.

I have decided to make two lengths of cloth, each about 3 or so feet. With nice long fringe. The color schemes will be a little different: one is all the browns and earth colors; the other has the reds.

I am liking the pattern too but already have plans to change it a bit for the second piece.

So all in all, weaving is well underway!

2 thoughts on “Weaving underway, maybe not so well!

  1. Your work looks great! I am in process of fixing a threading error, bummer.

  2. Broken ends are definitely no fun. You’re right about learning to deal with them; they eventually become less of an emotional issue and more of a pain in the neck for slowing us down!

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