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New project begins…

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And not without error! It was actually just not focusing on the work at hand…again.

I basically doubled the end count in my counting bunch. So instead of counting out 12 ends for the double of 24 ends, I counted out 24! It’s definitely not a major problem. Only would have been if I had not caught it and ended up with a width twice the width needed! HUGE facecloths! Well, they would have turned into towels at that point.

Facecloths they remain and I’ve warped more than I thought! I need to warp one more bunch and then I can think about dressing the loom.

Slowly. Thoughtfully. And, yes, with humility! I am sure there are a bunch more errors out there that I haven’t made – yet!

One thought on “New project begins…

  1. Hee Hee I get you, I really do! Weave on with confidence!

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