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Ah, what a snowy day brings

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What it brings is a solid chunk of time to getting the facecloths going!

Before I even brought the yarn over to the loom, I counted out the heddles. And realized I needed a few extra on both shaft 2 and 3! I have enough on all 4 shafts so all I had to do was move some. My first step was to finally inventory how many I had and on what shafts. No, I had never done this before. There’s always a good first time, right? I have 492 heddles! Shaft 4 had most of the extras so I moved the heddles from that shaft to numbers 2 and 3. It was a much easier task than I thought!

Then I brought over the yarn to the loom, arranged it in the raddle. That’s when I realized that my extra end was in the wrong place! I’ve never had an extra single end before but for this project I do. There is a total of 387 ends – 2 are selvedges and the other is a single. I was pretty pleased I figured out how to incorporate a single end. I just had it on the wrong side. It was fairly easy to move over to the edge.

The lease sticks went in with no problem! I don’t think I’ll ever have quite that problem again. Ends were arranged in the raddle. Set to go with beaming which is what I am doing now. About halfway done.

lease sticks

I’m glad for the snowy day because I could concentrate totally on what I was doing. It is a nice feeling.

I did finish beaming. I figure I’ve been at my loom for about 5-6 hours doing all of this! But it’s a great jump start for the face cloths!

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