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Threading the heddles

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I began to thread the heddles last night. The first two heddles encountered on Shaft 3 were twisted so I had to take them off the shaft and put them back on. Once that was done, threading was fairly smooth. I did about one fourth. It’s a straight forward threading: 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 for 64 repeats.That first 1 is the single end.

It is so tempting to let one’s thoughts stray when threading but the second focus is lost is when an error might happen. I did have to go back and rethread a few ends because of such.

Focus is good. I like it. It does “center” me.

One thought on “Threading the heddles

  1. That need for focus (which indeed, is centering) is why I do not listen to audiotapes or to music when threading.

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