My journey into the world of weaving

Wow! I made somebody’s day!


I’ve been seeing this award Award going around and it’s been neat to see who is connected to whom.

Then I visit Lady of the Loom and there’s my blog! What a nice feeling!

My embarrassment is I don’t have 10 blogs yet to list but I certainly have blogs I visit every day!

Lady of the Loom of course. I love her observations on weaving, knitting, and life along with pictures.

Leigh’s Fiber Journal. Leigh was the first, I think, to notice me in this virtual world of blogging. Her descriptions of what she is doing are just plain wonderfully and clearly written. I often think if I can just sit down and study her work, I’ll learn so much!

Talking about weaving. Peg writes so well – there’s a lot I don’t understand but I aspire to! Her pictures capture exactly what she is explaining.

Funny Farm. I like the surprises in this blog, visually and written!

Sunrise Fiber Studio and I found each other with our adventures in weaving waffle patterns. I love her experiments with yarn.

That is it for blogs but I am much inspired to look out beyond my own virtual walls and get connected to more folks. I think it’s been because I am so new to the weaving world even though it’s almost been a year.

Thank you Alice Lady of the Loom – you made my day!

3 thoughts on “Wow! I made somebody’s day!

  1. You’re welcome Susan!

    I’m thinking waffle weave is up next for me!

  2. Wow Susan, I am honored! I agree with Lady of the Loom about that waffle weave, you’ve definitely got me interested. (And then there’s the crackle weave over at Peg’s blog! 🙂

  3. Definitely thinking crackle weave!

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