My journey into the world of weaving

A year ago


That is, a year ago this February 6, I began this adventure of weaving. I began because I wanted something to engage me, I wanted something I could feel pleasure in and also get that centered feeling I used to get when I threw pots, which was long ago.

A year ago today, I was anticipating my first weaving lesson. Would I like it? Would I be good? Did that matter? Would I be able to learn this art? That mattered!

I went to that first lesson with a friend. Margaret greeted us and whisked us into her lesson room. I remember going through a room with lots of looms!

We moved right along in that first lesson. There was a lot to absorb but Margaret’s teaching style meets that need. She repeats a lot of stuff in different ways and doesn’t talk quickly. There’s time to take in what she says.

I came home from that first lesson very excited! I was already thinking where a loom might go in my house.

Over the course of a few lessons, I wove this first piece:
First piece

Then I had to plan a second. My friend stopped coming so it was just me. During this second piece, I talked with Margaret a lot about looms.

I finished my second piece. The warp was bamboo; the weft was Mango Moon recycled silk.
Second Piece

And then Margaret let me know that someone was selling their loom. A Tools of the Trade 32″ wide with 4 shafts and 6 treadles. A little smaller than I thought I should have but I bought it!

That’s the sequence of events. Since then I haven’t stopped weaving. I love it. I love planning projects, looking for patterns, or what to weave. I love receiving the yarn in the mail and holding the cones or skeins in my hands, sniffing the yarn. I enjoy preparing the warp; it almost feels dance-like at times.

In a way, most of all, I love dressing the loom. I haven’t done this yet, I don’t think, without some error. I love the steps, the process.

Weaving itself is almost a let down! No, not quite. There’s a great deal of satisfaction of seeing the pattern take place … or being surprised at how the pattern does take place.

I like keeping track of my weaving progress with this blog and with the pictures. It doesn’t take a lot of time but it helps me focus at times.

And then there are the weavers I have met virtually! A whole world has opened up to me! I’ve enjoyed their stories, their help, their comments.

So, I think, a most excellent first year in this weaving adventure. And my thanks again to Margaret Russell for launching me. Her passion is definitely a large reason I sit before my loom and weave with joy.

6 thoughts on “A year ago

  1. Susan, it’s hard to believe that you only started weaving a year ago. Your diligence has paid off! Interesting that you like dressing the loom so much. I wish I could say the same!

  2. Thank you, Leigh. I do enjoy that but your planning of projects inspires me!

  3. I don’t think it’s strange at all to sniff yarn, been doing it a long time. Then occasionally, not all the time you have to rub it on your cheek!

    The UPS man visits on a pretty regular basis. He now leaves treats for my dog on top of the box he delivers.

    Happy Weave-iversary!

  4. I could see during the course of our teaching time every fiber of your being shouted “WEAVER”, louder and louder. Such a joy to be a part of that!

    Happy Anniversary,

  5. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with us. And I, too, have found blogging has helped me focus.

  6. Thank you, Alice!
    And I’m thrilled you came by and commented, Margaret!!!!!
    You share a lot with me, Peg!
    Now onward with weaving!

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