My journey into the world of weaving

Finishings and beginnings

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I am nearing the end of weaving the face cloths. I estimate I can get perhaps two more. I have no idea how many I have woven as yet! Many.

The weaving has been smooth. My selvedges look good and not tense at all. Take up has been about an inch I think. No broken ends! I’ll be able to finish this long weekend and take off the loom.

My sewing machine goes in for service this weekend and I’ll have it back just in time to sew all the hems. Then wash and the truth will out about how waffly these face cloths are!

I have begun warping the next project. 471 ends; 4 yards. I had a bit of a bumpy beginning but now all is figured out and smooth. I’ll have this warp ready to go by the time the current project is off the loom! This next project is a set of placemats and table runner, with advancing twill.

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