My journey into the world of weaving

Tonight I pretended to be Laura Fry…


While I was weaving. I paid attention to my posture and to my weaving.

In Laura’s words:

Ideally, weavers should work towards developing a rhythm to their weaving. Opening the shed, throwing the shuttle, and beating should flow into one seamless movement. When the weaver achieves this rhythm, the act of weaving becomes a dance, an art form, a working meditation.

(Weaving Ergonomics by Laura Fry)

She also has a wonderful video on her site under “Store” and then click on “CD Weaver”. This shows what she means by good posture and the act of weaving becoming a dance.

I pretended tonight I was Laura Fry. In my mind I was; I am not so sure if anyone was observing that they would have thought so.

But it felt good tonight and I did achieve a dance of sorts. I am pleased with the tension and the selvedges:
Tonight's weaving
And the face cloths are nearing the end – I don’t know how many yet:
face cloths

Meanwhile, the new project (place mats) has begun. I have warped about a third:
new project

(Edited to note: I have had an awful lot of traffic this weekend – who are you all? Thanks for stopping by; I’d like to do the same!)

3 thoughts on “Tonight I pretended to be Laura Fry…

  1. OK. I definitely need to read this article. And yes, your selvedges look great!

  2. What a happy dance you have been dancing!

  3. Nice photos and commentary. Some dear heart posted a link to this blog entry to Laura Fry’s study group email list, and I’ll bet I’m not the only one to meander over here from there. Are you on that? Check out the info at her website, it’s a lovely community.
    Thanks for showing your process, it’s always good to see this kind of thing!

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