My journey into the world of weaving

Yay! Face cloths off the loom


And there are 12 of them!

Off the loom

Getting to the end:
Getting to the end

Beginning the last one:
beginning the last one

Ending the last one:
last one

I had more loom waste in the front than the back: 25 inches; 12 inches. The front waste was due to a small problem I had in the beginning. It could have been less. But this all worked out perfectly.

Each face cloth is approximately 16.5 inches in length; 14.75 inches in width.

While I am anxious to finish, I have just dropped off my sewing machine to be serviced, to be picked up on Friday. I love small town life: the sewing machine repair guy does repairs the third Thursday of the month!

Of course, this weekend I will be away. But ready to go when I get back.

3 thoughts on “Yay! Face cloths off the loom

  1. I just love the end of the warp in sight, and the anticipation of all those useful objects that were not there before you made them! Great work!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the washcloths when they have been completed, the waffle weave should really pop out.

    One of the pictures above confuses me – is the picture of your loom with the raddle attached from when you began this project or at the completion of the project? I have never heard of leaving raddle on the loom for an entire project, is this something you are experimenting with?

    Can’t wait to see what the lovely indigo blue warp chain posted in the pictures will become. Happy Weaving!

  3. Susan, they’re great! I’m very curious about how much they will shrink. Also, how you like using them.

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