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Sewing machine home and another thought or two


I got it back today. I know it received tender loving care. I didn’t meet the sewing machine repair guy but he’s been doing this for awhile. He can do about 12 machines or so in one day, if they are simple jobs. Which mine was.

I’m looking forward to sewing now! Kind of wish I could this weekend but I am away until Sunday. It can wait. I can be patient.

Martha’s comment the other day made me think and ask a question or two about the raddle being in place during the whole of the weaving. My teacher said it was fine but that we had kept the raddle on during lessons so that during transport, the ends weren’t disturbed. Then it came off just at the end when the apron bar approached the beam.

Which is how I have done it since! I never asked if that should come off. Of course, now I see that more folks probably do take it off after beaming. Keeping it on could disturb the tension.

Now tension is one area that I really haven’t had a problem with! I’ve had lots of other types of problems but have been rather satisfied with attaining the right tension for my weaving.

But I think I should try with the raddle off. I may need to do so someday and I just as soon try now than later. So with my next piece, I will beam the warp, thread, and sley, and then remove the raddle!

(And, Martha, if you are seeing this, don’t feel like you forced my hand; I like to think that I am continuously learning and stretching so this is good.)

4 thoughts on “Sewing machine home and another thought or two

  1. Well, I agree that you should try it without the raddle, at least once to see what you can learn from it. I’ve woven both ways, by leaving the raddle in and by taking it out. My current loom (Glimakra Standard) has no way to leave the raddle, so I have to take it out. On the other hand, some looms have built in raddles. So in the end, I think it’s all a matter of personal preference and which works better for you. I’ll be curious about your experiments and what you think!

  2. Yahoo! your sewing machine is home and you can finish your wash cloths! A freshly cleaned and serviced sewing machine is a joy to use.

    Never fear, I do agree with your “continuously learning” statement – if we do not stretch ourselves we become stagnant. There are always new vistas to be explored!

    Happy weaving!

  3. When Leigh had talked about her experiments with leaving the raddle in, I remembered talking to a native weaver in the Santa Fe area who left his raddle in. I asked him why. He replied, why not?
    So I decided to try it. I like it because it seems to help my sheds.

  4. Thanks for your comments, all!
    I do like to think of it as an experiment. With that in mind, I will most likely try my next sampler piece!

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