My journey into the world of weaving

I may not be weaving but….

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I am always thinking about weaving! I am still recovering from my weekend away and also am in a busy week at work.

But this weekend, I will hem the facecloths and wash and the truth will out!

But this weekend, I will dress the loom with the new project (I may begin that tonight actually)

And this weekend, I will think about the next project: it could be a second run of placemats and runner or something completely different!

I’ve not only been thinking but reading others’ blogs and that is always immensely inspirational!

One thought on “I may not be weaving but….

  1. I take it the hemming must have gone okay(?) I finally got the hemstitching comments organized in a post of their own. If you have any insights to add, they are most welcome!

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