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Face cloths – completed


For the most part. I have two left to hem and they all need to be ironed. But they are done! I am quite pleased. The pattern had them finishing at 12 1/4 by 12 1/4 and mine are definitely within that measurement, give or take.

The hemming went fairly smoothly! Here’s the back side of the hemming:
face cloths

And here’s the front side:
face cloths

Leigh’s recent collective posting on hemming really helped. What I decided to do was to sew a zig-zag on each hem, then I cut them apart. I washed them and then snipped loose ends and trimmed the edges. I hemmed with a straight stitch. And then I washed again. They just need to have an iron put to them but I consider them done!

4 thoughts on “Face cloths – completed

  1. The wash cloths turned out beautifully – so lofty and soft looking.

    As for hemming, when my project is cut off the loom I use a very small zig zag stich between each item and then throw the project in the washer/dryer. After the project is out of the dryer I then cut it apart, iron and pin in a very small 1/4 inch double fold hem and finally finish by handstiching the hems. Find that sewing the final hem takes away from the handwoven appeal of the fabric. The alternate way I sometimes finish hems is to hemstich on the loom – depends on what the final product will be used for. Keep up the great work – nice job on the wash cloths!

    Happy Weaving- Martha

  2. They’re wonderful! You’re right, the waffle weave popped out beautifully. Thanks for sharing about the hemming. Yours turned out very well.

  3. Face cloths sounds so much more enjoyable and sensible than floor/bath mats, which I cranked out some years ago. Though handmade mats have been durable, even with my bad eye sight, I’ll get to see my weaving close us and appreciate as face cloths, rather than just stepping on them and walk away.

    I think I’ll do a series of face cloths and maybe even think of giving them as stocking-stuffers this year.

    Thank you for a wonderful idea.

  4. Meg, you are welcome! I actually have done two series of bathmats! I gave those away last Christmas!

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