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Threading the heddles – small adjustment


I had just finished 2 repeats of the threading (3 to go!) when I observed that on Shaft one there were quite frankly not enough heddles on the left to get through one half of a repeat which I need to do. I also observed a little cluster of 4 heddles way over on the left, looking abandoned. I did a quick count of needed heddles and was, yes, 4 heddles short! I glared at the cluster at the left and ordered them right over! That of course did not work.

What worked, and I think could only work with this kind of manuever on Shaft One, was to lift the Shaft up and carefully ease the heddles off on one end and onto the other end. Bear in mind I had threaded two repeats, roughly 96 ends each. So I was manipulating those bunches gently. I was able to do the left end without a problem. Removing is easy. Adding needed another hand! So I called in the reserves (husband) and was able to add the heddles.

I recounted (twice) the heddles and moved the needed ones over from the right to the left and called it a night. I did eyeball the other shafts and I think I am ok. I’ve had my threading adventure!

5 thoughts on “Threading the heddles – small adjustment

  1. Oh, I have been waiting for that to happen to me! I did move some around for one project and haven’t put them back. I must do that.

    How many towels and face cloths did you end up with?

  2. That is always tricky. I’m happy to hear it went so smoothly! I did that one time years ago. I now count heddles before I start. I’m sure I’ll screw up and have it happen again someday.

  3. I did count the heddles! I swear I did! But it happened anyway.
    Alice – I got 12 face cloths. No towels because I didn’t do towels this time!

  4. I have found it easier to manage heddle counting since I daubed the top of every tenth heddle black. I have done this on every shaft. When I count out my heddles for a threading I always start in the middle so that I get the same number (plus or minus one) left on each side. This helps with balance and, crucially, with miscounts!

    Also, if the pattern is reasonably balanced across the shafts then I expect to find the black ones coming up in the threading at about the same time on all shafts which is a good check as I go.

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