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First placemat – a readjustment


I am using a pattern from Handwoven (March/April 2001, p. 46) for my placemats. I have done 3 repeats; the pattern calls for 6 repeats per placemat. The placemat after finishing would be 17 1/2 inches in length. I am already with 3 repeats at 14 inches in length! I think 6 repeats will make this placemat 28 inches long and I don’t think shrinkage and take up will equal 10 inches!

So my adjustment, I think, will be to do only 5 repeats, making the placemat on the loom about 23 inches! That way, if shrinkage and take up is about 17%, as the project indicates, the placemats should be about 19 or so inches.


2 thoughts on “First placemat – a readjustment

  1. LOVE-LLLLYYY colors. That cover of Handwoven is one of my favorites, too. I can’t wait to see pics of these washed and pressed.

  2. One thing that helped me get more ppi with my handtowels was something textillian told me:
    beat with the shed still open after you throw the shuttle. It helped to pack in the weft MUCH more tightly! THat I guess is if you are using the same weight yarns as they did for the placemats in the instructions.

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