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First placemat … still


I haven’t had much time to weave the last few days, much to my dismay. I much rather weave than do my job at times!

So the first placemat continues to puzzle me. The yarn is the same weight, I’ve done everything else according to pattern. Yet, it looks like I should only weave FOUR repeats of the pattern! Those with an inch hem border at each end make for 21 inches. After finishing, the length would be about 17-18 inches.

OK, reading this through, I think I may do one more repeat after all. Unless…..

Does this happen with following a pattern?

I’ll take any thoughts, advice, or help!

3 thoughts on “First placemat … still

  1. Remember that the warp is under tension and when the mat is removed from the loom it will be shorter…even more when washed. Try all the repeats and hems, cut off the loom and wash. Now measure. Your first mat will also be a sample.

  2. Have you counted the number of picks per inch you are getting and checked it against the pattern? You may need a firmer beat to get the intended result. If you prefer a looser weave then you might well only want four pattern repeats, but for placemats you are probably better off with something sturdy. I second Marie’s excellent advice!

  3. Thank you, Marie and Cally and Alice for your comments here and emails elsewhere.
    I am considering all advice. I am also thinking of weaving on with this piece and turning it into the tablerunner which is part of the pattern. Then when I weave the placemats, I can try the firmer beat.
    I’ll keep you posted!

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