My journey into the world of weaving

First placemat again


I have begun the first placemat again! I have taken all advice to heart.

This is what I am doing. I am beating hard, with the shed closed, taking Peg’s advice.

The weaving is definitely tighter but not incredibly significantly. I will definitely only be weaving 5 repeats and not 6 but I can live with that.

Here’s what it looks like:

first placemat

4 thoughts on “First placemat again

  1. Oh, that makes sense what Peg said about the temple! It is probably true for my recent project because the selvedge ends are sleyed 3 per dent for the last 2 dents on each side rather than 2 per dent for the rest of it.

    D*mn i love the interwebs

  2. Are the picks per inch the same as the ends per inch? If not, then I would wonder if the sett of your warp is a little too tight. Or perhaps you want the picks per inch to be greater than the warp ends per inch? This is one reason to put a bit extra on the loom so that you can resley if needed. Sometimes answers are a bit complicated to find!

  3. Thanks, Peg. I am learning a lot with this project. While it’s been satisfying to follow a pattern, it’s frustrating when it doesn’t quite click. But I am pleased with what I have woven thus far and am anxious to complete one mat this weekend! I appreciate your thought and advice.
    And Alice, I love we seem to be facing similar challenges!

  4. Well, it’s looking good regardless of what you have in mind. I found it hard to get the weft packed will with my jack loom than with my countermarche loom. Something to do with the loom dynamics.

    I’ve never tried to use a temple however. Two came with my loom, but I have yet to give one a try.

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