My journey into the world of weaving

Second placemat is half way there


I wove two repeats tonight. I felt focussed and not too tired. The weaving is going well. As I look at the warp and what seems to be left I think I may only get three placemats in all. That’s fine with me. I am enjoying this project. For some reason, it is not turning out to be an exact replica of what was in Handwoven but I think the end result will be pleasing.

Of course, I think for the next round, I’ll add extra warp so I can get four placemats!

I’ll have pictures for the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Second placemat is half way there

  1. Do you really want an exactly replica…?!? I’m curious as to how it differs. I raise this in an attempt to tease you into playing purposefully in changing things. I think you’re ready.

  2. Ah purposefully. Now there’s a thought! It has been accidental I think thus far.
    My product will be different I am sure! And I am curious too to see what the differences are and why, if I can determine.
    Thank you for your faith in me! It does make me more confident.

  3. Never admit to accidental, *lol. It’s always to be considered a design feature. I agree with Peg. The colors and basic weave structure will bind the set of placemats together.

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